Iron Brothers join hands to combat COVID-19 virus and Political virus

 Iron Brothers join hands to combat COVID-19 virus and Political virus

“It has been proofed by China’s successful experience that the COVID-19 epidemic is preventable, controllable, and curable. However, the only way to defeat the virus is solidarity and cooperation of the international community, rather than politicization,” Lin SongTian, President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), said at a donation ceremony on June 24th. Pakistani ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque, President of China-Pakistan Friendship Association, Sha Zukang, and Vice president of CPAFFC, Li Xikui participated in the ceremony.

To demonstrate Pak-Chin friendship and jointly fight against the pandemic, CPAFFC has collected medical materials worth CNY 300 million including 200 oxygen generators, 200,000 masks, and a large amount of oxygen cylinders and founds of donation. On the donation ceremony 24th, CPAFFC handed them over to the Pakistani embassy to China.

 In the ceremony, besides expressing appreciation and good wishes, Lin said: “COVID-19 is a global challenge that we all face and the only way to defeat it is international cooperation and working together. However, it is regrettable that some Western countries have shown no regard for the safety of their own people, failed to fulfill their due responsibilities, and failed to give priority to fight against the epidemic. Instead, they have been busy creating a political virus, politicizing the epidemic, and trying to discredit China so as to shift the accountability of their own people.”

“In contrast, when Western countries politicize the epidemic to smear China, the Pakistani government and people stand up for China’s justice. At the same time, China has actively supported Pakistan to fight against the epidemic by donating a large number of materials and sharing experience. The concrete actions of the two countries have fully demonstrated the unbreakable friendship between China and Pakistan,” Lin added.

Ambassador Haque agreed with Lin, he said: “COVID-19 pandemic is the most formidable crisis humanity has been pitted against since World War-II. However, the pandemic could not surmount any challenge unsurmountable for Pakistan-China friendship. We are hopeful that with Chinese assistance and experience sharing, Pakistan would also replicate Chinese success in defeating the pandemic at home.”

Regarding those Western countries tracing the source of COVID-19 virus to smear China’s reputation, ambassador Haque said in an exclusive interview after the event that it is a scientific issue which was answered by WHO clearly. “It is a time for everybody to work together, show solidarity and cooperate to fight this pandemic, rather than political manipulation. I think, as China and many other countries have said, that we need more research through scientific cooperation. It is an issue which can only be solved by experts and researchers, instead of politicization,” he said.

Also, extending sincere gratitude to Chinese people who donated materials to Pakistan, Haque said: “this donation indeed would be immensely helpful in supporting Pakistan’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Yao Wenbin, the founder and CEO of Jiangsu Jumao X-Care Medical Equipment Company Ltd., which donated 200 oxygen generators to Pakistan, delivered a speech at the ceremony saying that the company would like to support the Pakistani people to fight COVID-19 through donating its flagship product. “If needed, we are also willing to invest in Pakistan to build factories there, while selling oxygen concentrators at a favorable price,” Yao added.

Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. also donated its flagship product, 100,000 Non-Medical Copper-Oxide-Infused Coronavirus-Inactivation Face Masks. Its Chairman, Huang Yuhao announced that they are willing to contribute to the effort of pandemic prevention and control and safeguard each and every person’s health.

Except for the private sector, Sichuan Chengdu Municipal People’s Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries (MPAFFC Chengdu) also delivered their concern to Pakistani people. “Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Chengdu, the sister cities of Lahore, has immediately donated to Lahore with medical supplies such as surgical masks and thermo guns,” Li Li, Deputy Chair of MPAFFC Chengdu, said at the event, “During the pandemic as COVID-19, love always prevails. As Pakistan and China always help each other and share wealth and woe, our iron brotherhood stands solider than ever before. As 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Pakistan and China, Chengdu is ready to play its active role in deepening friendship and communicating with Pakistan.”

More than 70 people attended the donation ceremony in the auditorium of CPAFFC, including representatives of donors, diplomats from the Pakistani Embassy in China, friendly people from the Chinese and Pakistani, and media reporters.

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