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QR-code based registration system for Pakistanis

In a bid to facilitate Pakistani Diaspora in China, streamline interaction with the community, and improve consular services, I am

Chinese scientists develop a hydrogel that

Chinese FM puts forward 4 proposals


China CPEC

200 enterprises participated in training course

RMB internationalization has been steadily promoted, and cross-border RMB business has grown rapidly. In collaboration with the Pakistan China Center

President Alvi says Chinese investments helping

Pakistani gov’t officials attended 6th China-South

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Each lunar year in China corresponds to one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. The upcoming lunar year corresponds to the ox. Why is the ox so special in Chinese culture, and what exactly does it stand for? According to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Ox is

Nong Rong ON JUNE 23, the Asia and Pacific High-level Conference on the Belt and Road Cooperation was successfully held. It was attended by political leaders from 29 countries, and representatives from six international organizations including the United Nations. Chinese president Xi Jinping delivered written remarks. State Councilor and Foreign

BEIJING: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), as the signature project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), has achieved remarkable results in the first phase of operation. While it enters into a new stage of high-quality development, the establishment of “five corridors” will be enhanced for building a closer China-Pakistan community

by Cheng Xizhong Editor’s note: The writer is a visiting professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, senior fellow of the Charhar Institute, and former Defense Attache in South Asian countries. The article reflects the author’s opinions and not necessarily the views of China Economic Net.  According to