Chinese envoy heaps praise on Shehbaz for ‘Punjab Speed’ in CPEC projects

 Chinese envoy heaps praise on Shehbaz for ‘Punjab Speed’ in CPEC projects


Outgoing Chinese consul general has heaped praise on incarcerated Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif, saying his contributions as Punjab’s chief minister for CPEC projects was “impressive”.

Long Dingbin, Chinese consul general posted in Lahore in a letter dated January 25 addressed to the PML-N president termed the former Punjab CM an “old friend of China” and added that he was impressed by his devotion for the CPEC projects.

“You have made the CPEC projects realised, which not only created impressive ‘Punjab Speed’ but embodied the profound bilateral friendship,” he wrote in a farewell letter.

The consul general said the Pakistan Muslims League Nawaz will always remain a “great friend” of China whether “it’s in power or as an opposition party”.

“I am sure, as a leader of National Assembly you [Shehbaz] will continue to work as always to promote the friendship of our two parties, our two nations and our two people,” the Chinese official added.

The Chinese consul general concluded his letter wishing Shehbaz good health and a success.

PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb termed the letter of Chinese consul general to Shahbaz as a matter of pride for Pakistan.

“A great friend like China is also testifying to Shahbaz Sharif’s transparency, honesty, integrity and hard work while he was a chief minister,” she remarked.

The spokesperson said friendly countries are praising Shehbaz’s integrity and honesty at a time when the country’s assets and planes are being confiscated and the ruling PTI has made it a laughing stock.

“This letter explains the reason why Shahbaz Sharif is in jail. Why are they [opposition leaders] being arrested?”

Marriyum said: “Incompetent and dishonest” Prime Minister Imran Khan fears that he could not compete with “Punjab Speed” that is why he wanted Shehbaz to remain in confinement.

“This is the difference between Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and today’s fake thief rulers,” she said, adding that the letter is a slap on the face of all elements who made baseless, false and politically motivated cases against the PML-N president.

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