President Alvi highlights strategic importance of CPEC in fostering sustainable development in Pakistan

 President Alvi highlights strategic importance of CPEC in fostering sustainable development in Pakistan

In a recent interview with Chinese media, President Arif Alvi reaffirmed the unwavering strength of the bond between Pakistan and China, emphasizing shared values of peace, cooperation, and mutual prosperity.

President Alvi underscored the significance of the enduring friendship between the two nations, which has served as a cornerstone of stability amidst global transformations. He highlighted the deep-rooted historical ties and common aspirations that continue to cement the relationship between Pakistan and China.

Central to the discussion were the transformative initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). President Alvi acknowledged the pivotal role these projects play in enhancing economic cooperation and connectivity between Pakistan and China, fostering greater regional integration and development.

The Belt and Road Initiative, a visionary project proposed by President Xi Jinping, aims to promote infrastructure development and connectivity across continents, fostering trade, investment, and cultural exchange. Within this framework, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has emerged as a flagship project, symbolizing the depth and breadth of the Pakistan-China strategic partnership.

President Alvi highlighted the tangible benefits of CPEC, including the creation of job opportunities, infrastructure development, and the establishment of special economic zones, which are set to catalyze Pakistan’s economic growth and industrialization.

Moreover, President Alvi expressed gratitude for China’s unwavering support during challenging times, emphasizing the solidarity demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. He commended China’s exemplary efforts in containing the virus and providing assistance to countries in need, including Pakistan.

The interview reiterated the commitment of both nations to further strengthen their multifaceted cooperation in diverse fields, including trade, investment, technology, and people-to-people exchanges. President Alvi emphasized the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration to address shared challenges and seize opportunities for mutual benefit.

In conclusion, President Alvi’s interview with Chinese media underscored the depth and resilience of the Pakistan-China friendship, founded on shared principles of peace, cooperation, and mutual respect. As both nations navigate the complexities of the modern world, their enduring partnership stands as a beacon of stability and progress, contributing to regional peace, prosperity, and development.

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