Gala dinner hosted to celebrate Pak-China friendship

 Gala dinner hosted to celebrate Pak-China friendship

KARACHI   –  K H A Business and Inter­national Relations hosted a dinner in honour of the Consulate General of China, Yang Yundong, and the Con­sul General of Turkey, Cemal Sangu, to celebrate Pak-China friendship marking the completion of 73 years of diplomatic relations and also to celebrate the New Year of China.

A cake-cutting ceremony was held during the event. Among the attendees were the President of K H A Busi­ness and International Re­lations, CEO Kafeel Hussain Group, renowned architect Kafeel Hussain, Consul General of Oman Engineer Sami Al Khanjari, Consul General of Indonesia Dr June Kuncoro Hadiningrat, Consul General of Malaysia Herman Hardynata Ahmad, Consul General of Japan Hattori Masaru, Diplomats from Qatar, UAE and Indo­nesia, President Pakistan Tax Bar Association Anwar Kashif Mumtaz, President Karachi Business Forum and Think Tank Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui, alongwith other prominent business personalities and dignitar­ies of the city.

Addressing the gather­ing, the President of K H A Business and International Relations, CEO Kafeel Hus­sain Group, Kafeel Hussain stated that Pakistan is keen on enhancing relations with countries worldwide.

He emphasised the strong fraternal ties between Paki­stan, China, and Turkey, and highlighted ongoing efforts to strengthen them further.

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