China-Pak companies reach agreement on cultural and agri digitalization

 China-Pak companies reach agreement on cultural and agri digitalization

In a significant move to foster economic and trade development between China and Pakistan, Mohammad Amjad, president of the China-Pakistan Business Development Council, led a delegation from Zaryans Business Group to visit Wenjie Technology in Shenzhen. The delegation aimed to explore strategic cooperation in various sectors, including “digital + culture,” “digital + agriculture,” and “digital + film and television” industries.

Key Highlights:

  1. China-Pakistan Business Development Council’s Commitment: The delegation, led by Mohammad Amjad, reiterated the commitment of the China-Pakistan Business Development Council to actively promote economic and trade development. The council focuses on enterprise development, talent incubation, and brand promotion to enhance collaboration between Chinese and Pakistani enterprises.
  2. Strategic Cooperation Discussions: Zaryans and Wenjie Technology engaged in in-depth discussions on collaborative ventures in the “digital + culture,” “digital + agriculture,” and “digital + film and television” sectors. Both parties explored avenues for strategic cooperation in these areas.
  3. Zaryans Business Group Overview: Founded in 1986, Zaryans Business Group is a conglomerate comprising 15 companies involved in diverse sectors, including poultry and animal husbandry, construction manufacturing, and the development of dynamic digital media platforms.
  4. Wenjie Technology’s Role: Wenjie Technology, a comprehensive digital service platform for the cultural tourism industry and finance, leverages advanced digital technology to provide services facilitating industrial digital transformation in cultural tourism and finance.
  5. Future Collaborative Projects: The collaborative efforts between Zaryans and Wenjie Technology aim to establish a digital application platform for film and television. This initiative seeks to raise awareness of Chinese and Pakistani culture, fostering mutual understanding and friendship. Additionally, both parties plan to work together on agricultural digitization applications, addressing the specific needs of Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

The visit signifies a step toward strengthening economic ties between China and Pakistan, fostering mutual growth and cooperation in various industries. The collaboration is expected to contribute to the modernization of agriculture and cultural exchanges between the two nations.

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