China-funded mega solarization project inaugurated in Balochistan

 China-funded mega solarization project inaugurated in Balochistan

In a significant stride towards sustainable development, Balochistan Caretaker Chief Minister Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki inaugurated a groundbreaking solarization project, generously funded by China. The project, launched on Tuesday afternoon, aims to transition various public department buildings, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and civic departments, to renewable energy sources.

The initiative, funded by China, underscores a commitment to providing clean, affordable, and uninterrupted power supply to government departments in Balochistan. With the support of China, approximately 12 projects have been completed, equipping educational institutions with modern solar power facilities and advancing the province towards energy sustainability.

Chairman of the Friends of China Forum, Bayazeed Kasin, provided insights into the projects during the inauguration ceremony. Chief Minister Ali Mardan Domki commended the support extended by China to the provincial government, emphasizing the pivotal role of solarization in providing essential facilities across Balochistan.

The enduring friendship between China and Pakistan was highlighted by Chief Minister Domki, who acknowledged China’s consistent support for Balochistan’s development endeavors. The presence of the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Jiang Zaidong, further underscored the significance of the partnership, with Ambassador Zaidong sharing his perspectives via a video link from the Chief Minister’s secretariat.

The solarization projects encompass the installation of solar panels in government schools, hospitals, and streetlights across various regions of Balochistan. These efforts are aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and promoting sustainable development throughout the province, aligning with broader goals of environmental conservation and economic progress.

As Balochistan embarks on this transformative journey towards renewable energy, the collaboration with China serves as a testament to the shared commitment to fostering prosperity and well-being in the region. The solarization initiative not only addresses immediate energy needs but also lays the groundwork for a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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